Shut up and cheer up: 3 promises to myself to have a happier week


Sooo, I love moaning. I do it all the time. If you read this blog regularly you will be well informed of this. I often go on about how you SHOULD just moan and let it out and that it’s totally fine to lay in bed eating M&Ms and doing nothing productive when you need to, but I think lately I have taken this too far.

It’s SPRING. It’s been a bit sunny lately (NOT TODAY OMG SO MUCH DAMP). Shops are selling really nice pretty spring clothes and sandals and there are bikinis in Primark. This is a good time. However, I have been stressed, had some health issues, desperately need a haircut and keep just adding things to a list of stuff I should do but just don’t because NO MOTIVATION. Well I think it’s getting a bit old. And I think other people think it’s getting old. I also think my body is rejecting stress and misery now. It wants some laughs. And some lay ins. And It probably also wants less M&Ms.

Monday is not a great day really, let’s not even pretend everyone loves the weekend being over and having to be alert before 8am. Last monday I microwaved dry porridge oats and got salsa in my ear. Life. This Monday though, is the start of a more cheerful time, despite the torrential rain in London.

THE FIRST THING: I am going to buy one bright, cheerful totally unnecessary thing. Like a cheap thing though, because you know, bills to pay. A bikini top, or classic Primark beach sandals or a really bright summery nail varnish in an extreme shade of coral. That kind of thing.

THE SECOND THING: Headspace. Meditation. Clearing my mind. I am actually going to do this because good lord my head is full of stuff. A lot of it just negative, down in the dumps, cobwebby bad stuff. My boyfriend is sure this will help and painfully, he is quite often right.

THE THIRD THING: Cooking from scratch. I am going to make myself a lot of healthy meals from scratch all by myself using my chef genius skills which I definitely think I probably posses. Eating shit makes me feel sluggish, slow and quite frankly just like I want to lay on the floor, which I have been lapping up. Well NO MORE. If this makes a big difference which I’m sure it will given how much of a big deal health is (go figure) I will continue. I mean, kale is quite influential now. There has to be a reason for this.

I don’t know what the shouty caps are about so soz. HAPPY MONDAY YAY

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