For everyone having ‘one of those days’


So today is most definitely one of those days. What I mean by that is, I will be bloody glad when it comes to a close. I have a cold, I commuted on a packed tube then had to leave work four hours later as I was so sneezy and snotty, I have LOADS of work to do, I queued for 15 minutes in a shop to buy soup, I lost my tissues, ripped my tights BLAH BLAH BLAH. I mean I could go on to my woes of finding a white bra this morning but I won’t.

This blog post is not particularly about anything apart from how it feels on these days that just don’t go right and I essentially fancy a rant. I’ve been aiming to post everyday Monday-Friday because i’ve had really good traffic lately, but I couldn’t for the life of me write a thing yesterday. Instead I watched Parks and Recreation and ate crumpets.

Anyway, bad days: I’ve had tons of them in the last 6 months, for various reasons. Stress has basically become my full time partner in life, brining with it ecezema, exhaustion, bad moods, weird sleep pattern and a constant need to eat things that consist mainly of butter and sugar. It’s not been fun (but I have enjoyed eating EVERYTHING). It’s not been ideal. I’m trying really hard to de-stress myself and stop worrying about EVERYTHING, because omg, think of the most trivial thing possible and I can guarantee I worry about it. Yesterday I got concerned about kitchen tap looking a slightly different colour. Someone post me a life.

I’m quite evidently not alone here, I happen to have a few friends and colleagues with a lot going on at the moment, and we’ve just been ranting and raving and stressing and then laughing about it and then ranting again. It’s become the circle of life. You know how it is when nothing will go right and you have motivation of a flea? Well that is basically life right now. I’m not on a massive Debbie downer and about to paint my nails black and take a vow of silence or anything, but can SOMETHING nice and fun and easy just happen?

I’m trying to tackle this awkward life phase with plans. I love plans. I’m basically a planning machine much to many people’s despair, but I love it so I don’t give a shit. Tonight for example, my oldest friend is coming over and we will drink tea, Watch Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion, google nice bikinis and I will exfoliate my gross nose. Sexy. The rest of the weekend I will spend at home with my mum, instagramming my dog, eating and doing a lot of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I also have really fun plans for next weekend to look forward to and I might even go wild and get a haircut. Life.

The thought of all of these things take the edge off. I mean, I do have a tissue stuffed in my nose right now and I am about to drink raw ginger, but ultimately, the bad day will end. For everyone else having an absolute shocker, plan something nice and make a cup of tea. I know that’s the most obvious, basic advice ever, but tea and good thoughts will look after you.

6 thoughts on “For everyone having ‘one of those days’

  1. I agree, Parks and Rec for the win! I spent this week trying to defeat a cold/sinuses and running into a hit of bad luck as well. Must be the moons or Suns or something…I’m terrible at astrology lol but the week is juuuuust about done and it’s a fresh start on Sunday!


  2. I don’t know if I am in one of those ‘awkward life phases’ or it is the time of the year. But I get these days all the time. I appreciate the days I don’t feel like this so much.


  3. I think days like these are a necessity, they make you realise how good the days that aren’t like these are, if you get me, that doesn’t make a lot of sense!

    Ami xxx


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