32 things I’m very glad I know now


1) Eyebrows make a BIG difference to how your face looks. It’s best to pay them some attention.

2) Cereal bars are not the definition of ‘healthy’.

3) Friends don’t always last forever.

4) Going to the dentist as regularly as they tell you to is actually worth while. Who knew?

5) Breakfast is important.

6) Tidy room= tidy mind

7) McDonald’s do a cracking cappuccino for under £1.50.

8) Everyone is insecure about something. Probably a fair few things, so you aren’t alone.

9) When bad things happen, crying is okay. shrieking is okay (in your own home). Full on choking on tears is totally acceptable.

10) Lipstick and chapped lips are not a match made in heaven.

11) Handcream is a necessary handbag item at all times.

12) Somedays, you will look like shit no matter what you do, and that is completely fine. A lot less people will care than you think.

13) Travelling doesn’t have to be to the other side of the world to have a big impact on you.

14) It’s good to have people to look up to.

15) When older, wiser, more experienced friends tell you it’s going to be okay, it most likely will, no matter how much you’re panicking.

16) People forget about embarrassing things you do quicker than you do. It’s going to be fine, just untag the photo.

17) Selfies aren’t always self-indulgent and vain, sometimes they just make you feel good. (Four filters for life)

18) It’s absolutely fine to have breakfast for dinner and just go straight to bed when you get home.

19) Sometimes the only thing you need to inspire you, is a break from whatever you’re trying to do.

20) Calories are actually a thing you need, not just a mortal enemy.

21) Handwriting things is important from time to time.

22) Sending people well wishes and love for no reason should be done way more often.

23) Spots happen. It’s life.

24) Letting your hormones do their thing is a million times better than bottling them up.

25) Exercising a bit really does help period pains (but so does laying in bed with three hot water bottles and a Crunchie)

26) Taking off really chipped nail varnish is worth while, no matter how lazy you feel.

27) No one is going to hate you forever for putting yourself first sometimes.

28) Spending a bit of money on make-up makes all the difference. Apart from collection 2000 liquid eyeliner which always be a God among eyeliners.

29) Food guilt is wasted energy.

30) Crumpets are the ideal anytime snack, and everyone needs a good anytime snack in their life.

31) Goals take time and giving up or aiming lower is NOT the answer.

32) Wearing SPF on days that don’t only involve a beach is everything important in life.

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