My ultimate bargain spot treatment kit

skin collage

When it comes to spots and bad skin, I’ve officially been there and got the t-shirt. I’ve battled bad skin for years and it’s only been recently that I seem to have things under control. I’ve tried everything to get a smooth, clear, pristine looking face and spent a hell of a lot of money along the way. I’ve had skin-mapping, facials, microdermabrasion, splashed out on treatments and facewashes and in the end, it was the cheaper, more basic stuff that saved the day.

I do owe my current good skin to Elemis Tri-Enzyme Facewash, which at £28 isn’t that bargain, but I started using it when the worst of my spots had gone, and it’s just improved the colour and surface of my skin so I look less red and puffy now. Win.

Anyway. For direct spot treatment, I relied on Quinoderm on and off for years. I was reluctant to use it on my face as it’s really drying due to salicylic acid, but you know what, it bloody well worked. The downside is it dyed my pillows and you have to moisturise a lot, so if you already have really dry skin, this isn’t for you. However, it’s cleared up my forehead, which is my worst area, many times over. It’s also REALLY cheap.

Very similar to Quinoderm is Freederm, but this has never faded any of my bedding. I bought some last week as I woke up with a couple of hormonal spots on my chin, and this stuff is anti-inflammatory so it takes the redness away really well. Again though, it makes your skin quite dry, so get a good moisturiser.

Sudocrem doesn’t really need much introduction. Good for skin. Good for life. Good for targeting sore, red spots. Also good for sunburn, would you believe.

Bravura London make all manner of acne and skin treatments. I had never heard of them until my housemate and I suddenly got really spotty backs. Together. Romantic. A colleague of hers recommended we try this, so we ordered some online and used it for two weeks, and yep, bye bye backne. You really only need a tiny bit, and again it’s a salycilic acid product. I haven’t used it on my face but it worked a treat on my shoulders and still does if I ever get a flare up. I paid £12 for a pot that has lasted for absolutely ages.

Avon skincare. Not very accessible unless you know someone who know’s someone who does the catalogues, but their Clear Skin products are REALLY good. The facewash and spot treatment in particular work really well and don’t break the bank at all. They also didn’t dry my skin out when I gave them a whirl last year.

African Black soap is a weird one. It looks a bit like something you might come across while scuba diving, but a dermatologist recommended it to me for blackheads. It’s basically known for drawing out impurities in the skin and making you look all new and healthy and glowing. Do a test patch with it as the lady in Holland and Barret who explained how to use it told me this is wise, and who am I to argue? It definitely did improve my blackhead infested nose in a way exfoliating just didn’t. Google it. Read more about it. Go in H and B and ask.

A flannel. You literally cannot have enough flannels. Heat them up, put them on your clean face. Let steam and heat do their things.

All of these cost less than £12. All have worked for me over the last 6 years. I own all of them currently and will always keep them handy.

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