7 things to go buy right now


1) Roller Lash. I won’t bore anyone with a review to go with the 37364762828282 ones already out there, but this is GOOD. At £20 it’s the most I would really spend on mascara, and is more than my old favourite Clinique, but this ticks all the boxes. It’s also part of a Benefit offer in Boots at the moment if you want to run wild.

2) A photo album. Nothing cheers me up quite like printing photos and then putting them in a pretty book so I can laugh and cringe at how horrific my hair is 99% of the time and how funny everything is when you’ve had 5 gins. The parties with my bitches book was a gift, but I’ve seen them on eBay.

3) Nakd bars. I am addicted. I haven’t bought a normal chocolate bar or a packet of crisps since discovering these. They look a bit off putting because they are SO brown, but seriously, yum.

4) Yankee Beach Walk. All of the good smell, all of the pretty colour.

5) The Still Single Papers by Alison Taylor. I read this about three years ago and used to wish my commute was longer so I could read more. I’ve just started it again because it cheers me up so much. If you like hilarious, witty blogs and books, and want something basically all young women can relate to in some way, read this. It’s a lol a minute.

6) A notebook. I’ve been writing way more, getting better traffic and actually remembering ideas since I got a notebook from Paperchase to write shit down in. Holding a pen for longer than 30 seconds takes some getting used to though. I don’t know how my hands survived school. I also just like getting it out of my bag because elephants. Cheers Paperchase LY babes.

7) Sunpat Choc-a-nut. Like, this is so nice it brings me (almost) to tears. Peanut butter and chocolate in a jar all mixed up and glorious and just there wanting you to love it. It’s basically porn when applied to a crumpet, just FYI.

5 thoughts on “7 things to go buy right now

  1. Great list! Imma give The Still Single Papers a whirl I think, great suggestion for World Book Day. Not sure about the Yankee Candle, I usually only like OMG SO SWEET scents like the Soft Blanket and the Fireside treats ones. Big yes to notebooks (been absolutely hoarding them lately) and Nakd bars – the pecan and chocolate ones are my absolute fave.


    • You will love that book! It would make me so happy if you read it haha ive been raving to my housemates about it. If you read it let me know what you think! Same to notebook hoarding. I could spend a fortune xx


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