Generation Y- 9 things we DO have


Being part of Generation Y can be seriously depressing sometimes. We get told constantly the generation before took the glory years. They have the mortgages, the pensions, the savings. It’s easy to get sucked into believing we’re doomed and despairing about being born at the wrong time. But what about everything we do have? I personally am glad I was born as part of Generation Y, or iGen, or baby boomers, or whatever else we get called. We can’t spend our twenties and early thirties depressed about it can we?  What’s the point in that. We do have some stuff to celebrate and pour a ‘cheers to you, you good thing’ glass of Prosecco over.

1)We have a voice that’s bigger than ever before. We are the generation that defined the internet and did IT lessons at school and can do everything on smart phones. We have social media and blogging and we can put our thoughts out there. If we really know what we’re doing, we can put them out to a really big audience. I’ve carved a career that’s partly thanks to a blog I started about an obscure medical condition, which I originally created on my phone and promoted on Twitter, all for free. People are making a fortune from posting videos of their lives, or writing about their lives. People are making a big difference and a lot of that is because they have a voice and a lot of ways to make it heard. Or read.

2) The freedom to roam. There’s a culture of job changing, year-long contracts, working abroad, and It’s enriching. We have more chance to gain bigger and better experiences and to learn about new places by putting ourselves out there. We can try our hand at new things and it’s totally normal to bow out of one job after 9 months because there’s something new you want to try. It’s also much easier to jump ship and go work on another continent and stay in regular, daily contact with your loved ones. Viva La Whatsapp.

3)Following on from roaming- travel. More and more people I know are heading off to travel in their late twenties. Working, saving and then spending it all on a massive adventure they’ll remember forever. I also know a lot of people, myself included, who dedicate a lot of income to travel because we aren’t all in the mindset that every penny we have must be spent on saving for the family home and a new bathroom and why not? Why not make the best of the situation and have really, bloody good experience that will improve your outlook on life and introduce you new cultures?

4) We can market ourselves. If we have an idea, or are just really good at something , we can market that talent. Say you’re good at pottery. Like you make really bloody nice bowls. We can take those bowls and put them, online, we can learn how to do this marketing online, we can build a business online. We can make ourselves a big deal by using endless resources we can access just by switching on a computer, which most of us spend all day in front of.

5) THE INTERNET. Yep. Self-explanatory really. The key behind number 1 and number 5. Wanna watch a video of a cat playing a violin? Wanna look for a new job? Wanna start a blog and write about everything that floats through your mind? No worries. Apart from when the wifi goes down, obviously. Everyone needs a break to do their washing and meditate. Or just make some toast.

6) A 24 hour life. Some people might think this is a bad thing, because we’re always on the go and burn ourselves out, and it doesn’t apply to everywhere, but if you want to do what you, whenever you feel like, even say, go swimming at 4am, you can do it without much worry if you live in the right place.

7) Biscoff.

8) We know what’s happening in the world. We have 24 hour news, news apps, Twitter, Facebook, camera phones. If you want to be informed about what’s happening on the other side of the world, you can be, in an instant.

9) Each other. We might be Generation Y, the youngsters who will rent forever etc etc, but it’s not like there’s only four of us. The majority are in the same boat, and I don’t regularly see people sobbing into their coffee on the tube because they were born in 1989 and all is lost. And actually, I know plenty of people who have defied the whole thing and gone and done really bloody well for themselves. So good for them. It’s nice to think more about the fact it can be done, than let the news tell you we’re all screwed. Here’s to some more of that.

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