Friend therapy


I love my friends. I talk about them a lot in this blog and just generally everyday. It’s taken about 20 years to perfect, pick, cull and nurture the right group of friends. Sounds a bit militant doesn’t it? Friends are for fun and support and adventures right? Well yeah of course, but having the right friends is so important, particularly when you need them on a deeper level than just going to Primark together and laughing at pigeons in the street (just us?).

We shouldn’t be scared to cull bad friends. If it isn’t working and there’s more lame than game then get rid. Life’s too short. Why have friends you don’t like? That goes against the entire point in my books.

Anyway getting on with it: is there any better therapy than your friends? I say this because after a week of not feeling good, worrying, work stress, tiredness, upset and all of the hormones in the world, a night in with two best friends and a bottle of gin has improved life drastically.

We sat around, we ate crisps, we drank, we laughed and we listened to early 00’s r&b tunes then the next morning we laid in bed mildly hungover googling when Gregg’s opened. Donuts are important. What a time to be alive. I’m reminded constantly from looking on Facebook and going back through WhatsApp conversations that I have really good friends. And thank God for that.

In the last week I’ve stressed, got angry, threatened inanimate objects, talked to a wall, shouted, got teary and raged. It’s tiring having all the emotions innit? I’ve turned to food, I’ve turned to cute animals, I’ve turned to wine, I’ve turned to laying in bed alone in the dark and guess what? Not helpful. I mean, food and cute animals help A BIT but not for long.

What I really needed was to lay in bed, merrily drinking and singing to 50 Cent- 21 questions, with two people who I love and who are hilarious and who listen to me.

There are few things in life as precious as good people. And there are few therapies as good as close friends.

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