5 good things: 3


So last week on Sunday I got too carried away cooking an epic roast dinner with my pal for six friends to do this. Only one potato disaster happened, and it was seriously the nicest roast I think I’ve ever had. Humble, I know. My latest 5 good things unsurprisingly include a lot of food, because eating makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

When I was away in Skye I saw the most beautiful sunset, shown in the grainy, crap iphone photo above. We had to suffer for this sight though. It was FREEZING when we got to this tiny, remote village called Elgol to watch the event itself. Even the sheep looked a bit like they could use a hot chocolate and an electric blanket. My second thing is something I’ve started doing called ‘cooking from scratch week.’ I read about it somewhere ages ago and the idea is one week a month you cook a meal from scratch everyday. The best so far was lemon and parmesan linguine, even though my boyfriend hated it and I ended taking his to work the next day. Hidden blessings. Another food marvel, and I guess this is also a meal from scratch, is waffles. Not just any old waffles, waffles with Biscoff (my new food true love), syrup and blueberries. Saturday morning ain’t ever tasted so sexy.

Obvs Saturday was V day, and as much as I don’t really care much about it, we still went out. A placed called Spiaggia London just opened in Fulham, and it is seriously, seriously cool. The tagline is ‘Italian beach food’ and the whole place feels like you’ve just stepped off the sand into a chic little food hut on a sunny day. They also have a projector and show films downstairs, with a bar and retro games. I highly recommend. Food was lush too.

My last thing, and big picture, is that I got to spend relaxed, not drunken, not rushed time with friends. After a turbulent few months it was so nice to lay around, have massive breakfasts, talk about life and drink endless amounts of coffee. Oh and play LOTS of Cards Against Humanity, of course.


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