Packing for an adventure: Beauty, treats and essentials

So I’m usually a fairly good packer for a girl with a lot of stuff. I travel quite a lot and am a festival regular, so I’ve become good at keeping the load light. I’m leaving for the road trip to end all road trips tomorrow (at 2am actually, MEGA SNORE) and travelling 600 miles. I’m not only excited to find out how many topics I can burn through with my friends in a car for that long, I’m also excited to find out if I can physically survive in a car that long. I’m preparing for lots of talk about vaginas, war, lipstick and Pringles.

This isn’t the usual kind of trip I go on, as I’m going to the Isle of Skye, which a) is absolutely freezing and very snowy at present and b) won’t involve lots of spf and beaches. I am pretty much packing a million types of moisturiser and sunglasses. Oh and a hip flask and bottle of cherry vodka. For drunken highland lols, not the driving part obviously.

My face hates the cold, and I have spent the last few months finally clearing my skin up after a long battle and I want to keep things that way. I’m therefore going to the Highlands armed with my favourite face mask of all time: Soap and Glory No Clogs Allowed. This stuff is magical. It heats up and turns blue, so you become a warm smurf for five minutes and are left with silky skin that feels SO clean. Like you could go through the washing machine and not feel as good. I’ve also got the God of face washes- Elemis Tri Enzyme resurfacing.



I fully expect the bitter wind to turn my lips into two pieces of sandpaper, so I treated myself to a new Nivea Lip balm, because everyone deserves to be spoilt. paired with Lush Sugar Scrub, I reckon my mouth will live to tell the tale. I’ve also really got back into Bare Minerals foundation and mineral vale, so if I do get round to wearing make up while whale watching, they’ll be greeted by a less scary face smiling manically at them.

Now it might just be me, (although I’m sure it’s not) but if I can travel with peanut butter related items, then it’s going to happen. If you are a fellow P-butter maniac, you need to start haunting Tesco, usually down the world food aisle or the aisle that sells good noodles and stuff, you will find Peanut Punch. I can’t even. Just try it. LOVE. TRUE LOVE. Just look at it glowing like a golden angel.


Going anywhere cold, and by anywhere I even mean walking from my house to Sainsburys, Primark winter tights are a biblical must. Thick, reliable, warm, stretchy etc etc. I did go to Mountain Warehouse and came over all intrepid and ended buying actual thermals for walking in so I’ll be bringing sexy back all week. Oh and my boss leant me a thermal coat which makes me look like the grey power ranger. Scotland, you are a lucky country.


Oh and of course, come rain and shine, everyone needs sunglasses.


If I do live to tell the tale and don’t come over all Princess Elsa, I’ll spam this blog with lots of photos of beautiful Skye in a few days.

I’m now going to eat a steak, happy Wednesday evening!

4 thoughts on “Packing for an adventure: Beauty, treats and essentials

  1. This post made me laugh from begin to end – usually I tune out of beauty related posts (there are just so many of them floating about!) quite soon but this was such a funny and informative read! You made me want to go out and buy the No Clogs Allowed. I like saying about myself that I don’t really fall for these promotional lines but somehow all I want to be right now is a warm smurf.

    Happy and safe travels!


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