15 reasons your best friend is so important in your 20s

1) Your best friend is there on WhatsApp whenever you need to send a screenshot from Facebook of that person who you both hate, who’s posting more photos about her life that you both hate. You don’t even need to add words. The photo alone is enough. You just both know.

2) There will be the inevitable ‘er my period is late, like really late, does it need to be a Clear Blue or can I get a cheaper one?’ pregnancy scare that you will hold each others hands through. Even if not in person, via text.

3) You need a steady, constant, reliable source of stress relief when everything else including men, work, money, rent, cats and other people’s weddings just get too much and the world is overwhelming.

4) Who else will you tell your deepest, darkest truths to in tiny toilet cubicles on nights out while you both casually pee? Those cubicles know more about the world than anyone or anything.

5) You need that special someone who hates everyone else as much as you do.

6) It’s nice to have someone outside, say, your GP and your mum to discuss bowel habits with.

7) For texts like this: ‘Shall we just go to Santorini and put it on credit cards? We could go on Saturday.’

8) One snapchat of your face staring straight ahead with no expression is absolutely enough for them to know the day is bad, and the wine needs to be large .

9) Cellulite comparisons, questions and joint Victoria’s Secret envy and lust.

10) It’s important to have someone who will tell you that the terrible thing you just did isn’t that bad even when it blatantly is. This same person will then tell you that you need to sort your life out a few days later when it’s all calmed down a bit.

11) When you fully embrace that your twenties are still your youth and you need to live it up, drink several bottles of wine, wake up in bed naked and remember nothing, it’s pretty nice to have your BFF next to you in a similar state. ‘Oh I can see your vagina LOL’

12) Diet together, gym together, jog together, eat midnight camembert and maltesers together, undo all the hard work and reminisce about Dream Phone. We all need friend therapy sometimes.

13) Someone who will always, always tell you yes when you text asking if you can get away with buying a Topshop coat for £200  when your rent is overdue and you still need to pay off your last holiday. Who needs an accountant? You work hard.

14) Who else can you fight with, make up with and then book a holiday with in the space of 20 minutes?

15) For those times when you are mid 20s, everyone is having babies, getting married or buying a house and you’re both just on the sofa, eating Nutella with a spoon and laughing at cats on Buzzfeed because at least you have each other ❤



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