5 good things: 2


A fair few good things have happened in the last week. I’ve seen more friends in the last seven days than I have for a long time. A lot of this socialising has involved really good food (mostly cheese) and delicious coffee. Two of my favourite things in life. The most exciting thing that’s happened is that I booked flights to travel around Sri Lanka with three of my friends. ALL OF THE EXCITEMENT. Our trip will be ending at the amazing looking Mirissa beach, pictured at the top. A few people have told me they want to do the same, and if you do then look at Turkish Airlines. We scoured the internet for hours and they had the best deals hands down.

I spent Friday night at my parents and stumbled across a flower market in Fulham on my way, where bunches of blooms are so cheap and lovely, most under a fiver. I then skipped on home with a big bunch of pretty pink flowers and scored some daughter points. Always a good thing.

Now I have a hot holiday confirmed, I can fully get ready for my very cold holiday in three days time, hence the mega warm socks. I actually bought 7 pairs of thick socks today because I went to Primark slightly hungover and it all got too overwhelming so I just bought everything. It happens. Primark is REALLY good at the moment, if anyone cares or needs bargain clothes and multi-packs of face wipes.

I don’t have the usual Sunday blues this evening, which is a good thing in itself, as I only have two working days next week. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY GO AWAY WORK. I’m going away to Scotland (yes, I am aware of the snow) with some friends to stay in the most gorgeous cottage. I think next weeks good things will include a lot of cards against humanity, scenery and pictures of me freezing on a hill with a hip flask of whiskey. Picture number 5 is the gorgeous cottage, in all its Scottish glory:


3 thoughts on “5 good things: 2

  1. Ah love Scotland! Make sure you eat a deep fried mars bar (yes that’s a thing). So jelly of you going to play Cards Against Humanity, where were you able to buy it? Tried to order it from Amazon but it can’t be delivered in Ireland, and they also couldn’t deliver it to the Netherlands (where my parents live). šŸ˜¦


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