The only way is moisture

So this winter my skin has been horrendous. It’s been dry, cracking, peeling and even bleeding around my lips and on my hands. It’s been painful to say the least and I look a bit like a horror film character. I’ve never experienced problems this extreme before, but there’s a first time for everything I guess. I work with doctors, as I have mentioned countless times, so I know that the medical term for really inflamed, sore lips and mouth is cheilitis. FUN FACT FOR EVERYONE.

Anyway, cheilitis is horrid and it took me over 2 weeks to find a combination that helped get rid. I looked like I had two great big cold sores on either side of my mouth for most of this time, which was really nice. My savior came in the form of the Lush Sugar Scrub and Blistex Raspberry Lemonade Blast lip balm. I bought about four lip balms before I returned to the trusty raspberry one, and none were as good or tasted half as divine.

I’ve been recommended the Lush lip scrub so many times and just ignorantly continued to not buy it. Well, more fool me, because it is amazing. The bubblegum in particular smells and tastes like heaven. I don’t think I’ve ever had smoother, lipstick-ready lips in my life. You do need to be on the ball with lip balm when using it though, or things can get a little on the dry side. I’ve started using it everyday as part of my makeup routine and I probably won’t stop even when the weather cheers up. Your Ruby Woo will look a whole lot better after a good exfoliate, so go buy it NOW.

The Blistex lip balm is wonderful for many reasons. The main ones being: It’s cheap, it smells like holidays and strawberry daiquiri and it is really, REALLY good. I first picked it up at the counter in Boots last summer and I have replenished three times (once because it melted in Thailand, not because I eat the stuff). I’ve tried expensive lip balms and balms with beads in and coco butter, but none are as good as this little gem.




My other skin war zone can be found on my hands, more specifically, my knuckles. I have actually been peeling skin off of them everyday, because there are threads of it hanging off. Sexy. They’ve become the sort of dry where I can’t bear to touch my hands together because they feel so awful. I tried a couple of things to combat this, including an array of hand creams and a deep hand cleanse.

Sadly my favourite product of all for my hands isn’t widely available in the UK. I seriously wish it was because I have never been in love with a hand cream like this before. It’s by Rain Africa, and is made in south Africa. My colleague who has been witnessing my skin stress went there for a conference and picked me up this Biologie shea butter cream from the Cape Town store. It’s repaired my hands in three days. They feel like silk and smell like all things right with the world. You can get it online, and they have US stores, but it’s pricey delivery from what I can see. If you ever find yourself in Cape Town though…. (or if anyone knows how else I can get some message me immediately)


My other savior, which to be fair has been really good too, is Nivea SOS hand balm. I’ve used this A LOT, as you can see from my disheveled bottle. It’s quite difficult to get out for some reason, which is annoying as I feel I always have some left when I throw it away, but none the less, this stuff gets the job done. it survives hand-washing pretty well too.


One more thing- My hairdresser told me that to sort out her dry hands, she does a deep heated cleanse. What this entails is using plastic gloves and a hairdryer on a low setting. You slather your hands in cream, put the gloves on (you may need assistance for this) and then warm them up with the hairdryer for a minute. It’s not as labor intensive as it sounds if you have help and it works! I’ve done it twice now and come out the other side silky smooth.

Four products worth your pennies.

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