5 good things


My favourite five things from the last week are mostly about food and coffee (obviously). However I am also ridiculously excited by my skin, which sounds weird but I have fought a long seven year battle against it. Elemis has come into my life (the resurfacing face wash to be specific) and it has never ever been so good. I used to cut my fringe just to cover my forehead because my skin was so bad and lumpy looking, so this all quite exciting. Me and my housemate also got gifted a vintage coffee maker to add to the appliances that don’t fit in our kitchen, but for caffeine addicts it’s amazing. SO retro.

The last week also saw me and my boyfriend reach our 4th anniversary. This is actually impressive as I am so annoying at all times and just last night came in at 2:30am high on life and a lot of gin and woke him up to show him my Burger King. So that’s good. Kudos to him. In honour of going out and drinking a shed-load of gin and dancing to Britney- Slave, for a friends birthday, I painted my nails with OPI’s foil varnish and glitter and it’s genuinely amazing. I feel like a walking disco ball. I imagine this is how Rihanna feels all the time.

And lastly, the thing that deserves a really big picture, are THESE bad boys. Beetroot, orange and ginger brownies. SO unbelievably delicious. However I did eat three while they were still warm and felt ill for quite a while after.

Happy bloody Sunday, I am going to the pub now.


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