Powercuts and getting old


I’m writing this on my phone, during a powercut. It’s dark. It’s cold. It’s bleak. It’s also happening in Fulham and Chelsea so there will be well-groomed chihuahuas everywhere wondering why their electric dog beds aren’t switched on. The struggle is real.

Maybe having no power and doing things by candle light makes you more philosophical or something, because I’m starting to think about getting old. The three most positive things that have happened this week are my best friend’s sister having a little baby girl, my other best friend sending me a postcard and photos of her adventures from Asia and me finally having some important medical tests. Raise the roof. Calm this bitch down. WILD.

Alright, so those aren’t three things that scream youth and excitement to most people (although babies are exciting!) but I don’t really care.

I did have a bit of wobble after New Year about turning 25 but then I pulled it together because I will not be old before my time. I still like going out and requesting Britney Spears and buying trays of tequila. I still like spending all my money on travel and then accidentally not having enough for food. I also still like quoting Mean Girls at all situations.

I love going to work and making money and having a flat and being able to have a bad day and say ‘Fuck it, one is going Topshop.’ It’s nice to go away on adventures and weekend breaks and I secretly like doing budgeting (doesn’t always work, mind) and I like food shopping for myself because ALL THE HOUMOUS.

I don’t really get the whole thing of being in your 20s and acting 65 years old. I know some people are homebirds and some people just like staying in and the quiet life which is fine. I like it too (sometimes) but I just don’t want to wake up 20 years from now and think OH MY GOD I WASTED MY YOUTH. MUST GO ON A BENDER AND BOOK A HOLIDAY TO IBIZA.

I’m going to basically take hold of my 25th year and do all manner of fun, travel, dancing, wine drinking, laughing, face mask wearing and shoe buying.

Oh and I’m also going to talk my boyfriend into getting a pet lizard because it’s 2015 and why the hell not.

OH and if you give up on your youth and decide you are old and destined for an armchair when you’re under 50, then you can’t sit with us.

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