3 reasons it’s not Blue Monday

So apparently it’s the most depressing day of the year. Pizza Express have offered me 40% off if I go there tonight. Very.co.uk have informed me they’re having a Blue Monday sale. Thomas Cook have also been in touch, bless them, to tell me about their red hot deals because yep, you guessed it, BLUE MONDAY and everyone needs a holiday because we’re all so sad.

Someone, somewhere has decided it’s the most depressing day of the year because it’s Monday, and it’s January and it’s cold and we’re all a bit skint and so on. Well actually I didn’t feel depressed at all until I realised this day was an actual thing and then I was a bit like ‘oh yeah, today isn’t great, maybe I should go to Pizza Express later and get 40% off.’

Can we all just stop it. It’s not the most depressing day of they year. I’m sure some people out there are having a bloody awful time of it right now, but I’m sure they’re not sticking pins in a Blue Monday voodoo doll and weeping. We humans of the 21st century love to go on about crap like this don’t we?

Well I’m not depressed today and I’m not sitting at my desk holding back tears and wondering how I will go on with life. Here’s three reasons my Monday is not blue (apart from the lovely, sunny, not depressing sky over London right now):

1) This morning on the tube there was a woman dressed in very smart business suit, reading on an iPad and displaying some impeccable Monday morning hair. Also she was holding an enormous plastic sword like it was just a handbag and I actually watched her use it to itch her knee. It was a good time all round, for the amused onlookers and the knee itch.

2) I found five pounds in my bag and used it to buy a seriously delicious vanilla latte which doubled up as a hand-warmer AND some sugary sweets because I just love sugary sweets and everyone deserves a treat.

3) half the working day is done and I haven’t even had to hold my head or hug myself or kick the printer to make it work or even swear about anyone. Monday has been, as they go, pretty alright.


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