My friend mentioned scrapbooks on Twitter yesterday and it reminded me that I have a lot of catching up to do. I’ve always been obsessed with them, for as long as I can remember. Although it is nice to have all your lovely holiday photos and boarding passes and tickets to amazing shows in one place, what I like it for the most is just to laugh at. I’ve spent many hours flipping through old scrapbooks with school friends and cackling over old photos of me with a blonde pixie haircut and everyone’s obsession with playboy and nude lips.

When I went on holiday with my uni friends to celebrate finally finishing education and drink kiwi flavoured schnapps and eat 3 burgers a day, we kept a quote book. If anyone said something particularly hilarious or outrageous, someone scribbled it down in a tiny pink notebook. It seems like a slightly odd thing to do maybe, but that book still brings us all a lot of laughs four years on. ‘I raided her kitchen on the way out in the morning and took a few snacks for the bus home.’ Classic.

I’ve collected so many random things since moving to Fulham a year and a half ago, so I decided last night it was time to go to town with a glue stick. I did accidentally get glue in my ear and hair, but every job has its hazards. Also just FYI, my new little travel scrapbook that my boyfriend got me is so pretty I’m almost jealous of it.


Scrapbooks are also a nice reminder, when life is getting on top of you and you’ve just surfaced from another tube delay and all your food is out of date, that you have had many good times. Life has been good to you and you aren’t going to grow old, alone and rely on a pet as your main source of affection. My scrapbook from sixth form is so full it doesn’t even close anymore.


ALSO, they make amazing presents. My best friend got me this beautiful little photo book for my birthday last year and I love it as much as I love parties with my bitches.


One more thing, if you are planning on scrapbooking, Wilko has a craft range called Riverbank Revels and everything is adorable. It’s also really cheap, so you should look into that.



7 thoughts on “Scrapbooking

  1. I have so many different cards, odd pictures, tickets etc that I just keep in this massive box(with a very cute dog on the lid), but I’m really tempted to scrap it up now. Ahhhh


  2. Great advice on the Wilko stuff! I’m just getting into scrapbooking, at a level where I have a lot of gear and not many completed pages. Need to get cracking on that, and clear the decks for a couple of days to get all these photos dealt with.


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