15 times I really loved my friends

1) When they bought me a Bestival ticket for my 21st birthday. Naturally at the time we were in a Mexican restaurant, listening to Mexican techno music and drinking margaritas and when they gave me the art attack style replica they made, I thought my present was literally a piece of glittery, feathery art. Lots of confusion, momentary ‘why are you rubbing this in my face, a fake ticket!?’ thoughts and then pure joy, love and tequila for all involved.

2) 15 of my friends travelling to the above mentioned, tiny, strange little Mexican in an awkward and not near anything location and still having the best time. I have never seen a group of twenty-somethings react so happily to being given plastic maracas and be so enthusiastic about dancing on chairs to Leann Rhymes- Can’t fight the moonlight. Also the story that much later that night four of them traipsed home through a graveyard silently, in a line, wearing sombreros will remain with me forever.


3) Waking up at 4am during a sleepover (aged 20) and both being itchy. Proceeding to get torch lights to check the bed for bed bugs, extensively googling bed bugs then both dreaming about bed bugs.

4) Not naming names, but being asked “so how was Africa!? I bet it was so hot there” after I returned from a holiday in Cyprus.

5) The quote ‘I had to leave her bed sharpish after her uncle turned up to fit a fish tank in her room.’

6) Being forgiven for walking in on a friend who just happened to be in bed with someone, turning on the light and asking if I could come in and sit down. (Post-many vodkas, of course)

7) Accepting that it’s fine to get pre and post-night out food, from the same place, and even have the same thing.

8) Jointly spending a whole year learning every country of the world to complete an online quiz, discovering country names like Gabon, Djibouti, Sao Tome and Principe and then replacing many Rhianna lyrics with them.

9) Staying up virtually all night over whatsapp due to a ‘pregnancy and birth’ song title pun extravaganza. All eyes on me in the placenta of the ring just like a circus. Is this burning a paternal flame? And so on.

10) Turning a catch up and reunion in quaint little Canterbury (a tiny, quiet town in England) into a drinking marathon involving pole dancing, refunds from kebab shops and more jaeger than is necessary for anyone ever.

11) All doing chlamydia tests on a uni course social just to get matching free sunglasses and then being forwarded various people’s negative results a week later.


12) Meeting for a picnic and not one of five people remembering to bring food or anything to drink.

13) Looking after me during an hour long nosebleed that occurred during watching Dante’s Peak, discussing how it was like life imitating art and not being angry when I bled directly into a freshly made cup of tea.

14) Losing one friend at a gig, finding her sometime later wearing a stethoscope, a red bobble hat and ski gloves.

15) The question: Are wolves mythical?

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