16 funniest memories from student life

1) Knocking Dean Gaffney off a stool in Oceana nightclub in 2008 and then repeatedly apologising and calling him Robbie. Only really entertaining if you a) watched Eastenders growing up and b) have any idea who the man himself is.


2) Taking an immensely hungover friend to the shop in her fleece Primark Christmas pyjamas, only to bump into a man inside the shop wearing the same pyjamas and buying vodka.

3) Going to a house party armed only with money for the bus, a bottle of tequila, half a lemon and a knife (for the lemon, not for crime obviously)

4) Watching friends use their tumble dryer in the shed, in the dark and slowly losing all of their underwear for a whole year, only to then discover a light upon moving out.

5) Having 15 mini Yorkshire puddings for dinner on several occasions.

6) Watching an entire series of True Blood in one sitting (a full 12 hours) with housemates, ordering the next series on Amazon with next day delivery, and repeating.

7) Becoming obsessed with a TV show about ‘extreme fishing’ because everyone had far too much free time, dressing a housemate up as a fisherman, going out and watching her successfully pull someone while still wearing the fishing hat.

8) Hearing someone come in to do a house inspection after a heavy night, hearing her open a door and exclaim ‘Oh my God’ before swiftly closing it again.

9) Spending the majority of a post-exam house party in a bath with four friends probably discussing deep topics like poverty and love while drinking champagne.


10) Wine tasting in 10am lectures with people who were virtually strangers and immediately becoming friends for life.

11) Becoming completely obsessed by the lady who runs the Uni canteen deli bar and as a group talking about her at all social events.

12) Getting a cab home with friends and crying over a cut hand while also singing the whole of Enrique Iglesias- Hero to the driver

13) Trying to deal with a leak at 2am, phoning other housemates who are in a club to get hold of Graham the plumber, only to realise the leak is actually a tap that just happens to be on.

14) Going to the library with good intentions, rediscovering Kinder Eggs with everyone else trying to do the same essay, writing nothing, going home.

15) Learning ALL of the words to an Eminem song with a friend, then meeting up to practice rapping just as regularly as meeting up to do work.

16) Requesting Britney- Slave at all club nights, no matter the music or the DJ.

Oh to be a student again.

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