25 Completely random things I’m glad I’ve done in life


1) Read all of the Harry Potter books. All of my closest friends grew up as obsessed as me, so it’s worked out pretty well. Mass crying in the cinema in third year of uni just finished off education nicely.

2) Watched Broadchurch. It’s amazing. It’s back. If you haven’t watched it, do it. Murder, affairs, creepy men, weird women and a mysterious slug.

3) Visited Railay beach.


4) Listened to Serial. I never thought I would get in to podcasts, but this is amazing. If you love true crime stories and a good whodunnit then try this out. It’s gritty and interesting and you change your mind over and over again.

5) Lived with friends. Mostly I like the hungover kitchen debriefs, but it’s also nice to just swing by your best friend’s room when you need cheering up and always having someone to crawl into bed with to watch Bridesmaids.

6) Owned a pet

7) Started a health blog. I’ve learned so much from just writing about my condition and it’s boosted my career and CV massively.

8) Went to uni.

9) Learned to cook. Like really cook, as in curries from scratch, roast dinners and all manner of cakes.

10) Snorkelled in Aqaba. Saw a manta ray, saw some electric pink jellyfish, saw some flashing eels. Found Nemo repeatedly

11) Became a Bestival regular. The best memories and the least sleep.

12) Worked for a good cause

13) Learned how to properly use Ebay. Making enough from selling stuff that was clogging up my house to pay for flights to South East Asia and all manner of travel jabs. Try it if you have a lot of unwanted clothes, you could be sitting on a small fortune.

14) Had a go at being blonde

15) Had a broken heart. Character building and a seriously good life lesson, no matter how grim it was at the time.

16) Started a mini break tradition with my oldest friend.

17) Invested in good trainers.

18)Played the Sims a lot as a child. Learning that babies cry a lot and you need a good job to have nice things early on can’t be anything but good, I reckon.

19) Given presentations to lots of people.

20) Found red wine

21) Lived with my boyfriend.

22) Went on lots of family holidays. A lot of my favourite childhood memories are from beaches on the Greek Islands or exploring Cyprus.

23) Went on a ridiculous, drunken holiday to Magaluf with my best friends.

24) Took up pilates.

25) Avoided becoming prematurely old. I often say ‘God we are so old now’, when I’m with friends, but really I think the fun is still flowing, along with the wine and vodka.

5 thoughts on “25 Completely random things I’m glad I’ve done in life

  1. Awwww I’ve never done 23! And also I don’t have the guts to go completely blonde, I’ve been highlighting for years now and go only like a quarter of a tint blonder each time. Getting there! Great list xx


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