Charity shop haul

So this is pretty tame compared to previous collections of charity shop purchases. Second hand shops in London can be quite hit and miss but there are few gems nestled in residential Fulham. I live right next door to one so that makes my addiction a lot easier to feed.

This collection, (the jumper is my fave) set me back about £8 in total. Not bad at all. No idea when the tiger dress will make an appearance as it sadly doesn’t fit me and is currently listed on my Depop account, but I love it all the same.

I’ve also become a sucker for buying trinkets and vintage tins. The one pictured below is currently storing my tea lights, because let’s face it, everything needs a home. The Cancer Research shop in Fulham has lots of amazing vases, tons and photo frames in if you’re in the area and interested in that sort of thing. I did try and stay away as I’m meant to be saving money, but when things are this cheap WHO CARES!?




<img src="https://


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