In 2015, let’s do some living

Working alongside some very worldly people means I spend a lot of time at work listening to stories of travel and projects and adventure. It’s fascinating and inspiring and best of all, it makes you hungry for life. It’s the sort of environment where you could feel like you’ve wasted your life because you’ve not managed to fit in nearly half the stuff they have. They are all older than me though, so I know I still have time. It’s already an obvious decision that the fast-approaching new year will be hopefully better than the last. Obvious because no one hopes for a worse year, do they?

The great thing about life is time, especially being in your twenties. Time is, hopefully, something you have a lot of. It’s rolling out ahead of you and it has absolutely no rhyme or reason. Unless you have life planned, day-by-day, to a tight schedule which will take you from now to pretty much retirement or beyond, you can’t have any idea what will come your way. I don’t know a soul on this earth who has such a plan and I wouldn’t want to. No thanks.

Even tiny things which happen in life, that in the grand scheme are pretty insignificant, can bring a lot of joy. For example this photo of me and one of my best friends, pretending a mop is a broomstick while out celebrating my sister’s birthday. It’s stupid and it had no real impact on my life at the time. We didn’t go out with a firm plan to find a mop and then pretend we are from Harry Potter. However, it happened, and now this photo makes me laugh and feel happy every time I re-visit it, which is fairly often.


I am not for one resolutions and you certainly won’t find me laying in bed on New Years day suffering from a hangover and updating Facebook with something like ‘New year, new start xoxo’. Urgh. Just stop. All of you stop. A new year is a good time to change things, because we associate it with starting again. You can’t really start life over though. Life starts when you are born, everything that comes after is change. Changing for the better is good. We should all do more of it.

My 2015 is going to come with a theme, one that is actually already in place as of now. The theme is ‘Yes I can.’ Being young and feeling completely bogged down by the need to get an amazing job, earn a shed-load of money and save up for a house that is an absolute rip off and is so small you can barely believe the price tag and so on and so on. You know the score. I actually can’t believe it’s taken me 24 years of life to realise that saying no to things because you have to fit the mold of ‘successful’ and ‘normal’ is just so massively lame. This is definitely something to leave behind. I am happy to join the club that have had the same awakening, which is really what it feels like.

I want to do things. I want to do everything. I do want a house and I do want to have nice things and a good job, but I just want so much more. So many random things to do and places to go and days out to have and people to meet. I tell myself everyday in my head ‘no you can’t do that.’ Why? Money? Time? practicality? Time is running out. It runs out everyday and we have no shelf life so what better time than now? I’m not saying that I’m going to get loads of credit cards and put a round-the-world trip on them, I’m not an idiot. But I will do everything in my power and my budget and my actual ability to just tell myself ‘yes you can’. Go for it. Why the hell not. You can’t take anything with you and nothing materialistic makes me as happy as fleeting moments like that mop photo or moments like these, when I tell myself ‘yeah let’s do it, let’s do some living.’


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