Hangovers in your twenties: Part 3


So today is apparently the most hungover day of the year. Judging by the people who I shared my late night tube journey with last night, I can definitely see why. I witnessed a man fail to get off at the right stop due to the inability to walk; awkward as his wife made it off and watched him speed away looking less than impressed. He didn’t even make it off at the next stop. In fact, he’s probably still on the District line wondering where exactly Upminster is and how he got there.

This hangover falls under the categories or festive and unjust.

Event: Pre-Christmas catch up with a friend

Venue: Rabieng Thai restaurant in Angel and La Farola cocktail cafe 

Run down: This was one of those occasions when you haven’t seen a very good friend in a while and you have SO MUCH to say that within an hour you’ve burned through at least 37 topics and discussed everyone you know at length, but you still need another sold four hours to feel fully caught up. This is usually one of those times I find you can drink a vile amount and find yourself wondering if you have a problem the next day, but while you’re there you are oblivious to the 234533 units you’ve put away by 8pm.

Thankfully, given work today and my limited time to get my stomach pumped, 234533 units did not pass my lips. We shared a bottle of red wine with dinner and I definitely had less than half. Just one bottle. Between two. Reasonable. Totally adult. Very responsible.

Food: Rabieng is easily the nicest Thai meal I have had outside of Thailand and I recommend it highly. The peanut sauce is basically a dream come true in your mouth and the curry is absolutely divine. Green is usually my curry of choice, but we got red and green, to be extra- adventurous and red won hands down. It was so delicious I think I could marry and have children with it. If you are a fan of Thai you have to do yourself a giant life favour and go here. 10/10 on food. They also accept gourmet society cards if you phone ahead and book a table. The whole thing left me massively yearning for this:


Cocktails: La Farola was a place we just happened to fall into because they had a cosy little table by the window empty and there were lots of pretty fairy lights. The sign outside promised cocktails and cocktails they deliver. This was a good night for ‘best ever’ experiences, because it was the best porn star martini I have ever tasted. Shots of prosecco should be more common. Continuing the theme of responsible adults, we had one each. ONE.


The hangover: Unjust. Unfair. Ridiculous. Inexplicable. I have felt sick since the moment I stepped out of bed. The sort of nagging, acidic ‘Oh you had a drink last night didn’t you’ sick reminder that your body gives you. The amount of food I ate, and the fact I had water before bed and first thing in the morning really shouldn’t have warranted this nauseous delight of a day. I have had this amount of alcohol and much less food on many occasions and felt like a goddess the next day. Hangovers are officially a mystery. They can’t be tamed.

Score: 6/10, mostly because it just isn’t fair

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