Learning the tough way that life really is for living


Time is a funny thing. It seems to be moving so fast that I sometimes sit back and wonder where the last five years have gone. How can so many different things have happened and ended in what seems like no time at all? We have no control over time, we live within its constraints and it’s a guarantee that it will keep on moving, probably at what feels like a hundred miles an hour. One thing we can do , which the last month has really taught me, is not waste it.

Going through something incredibly tough really does put so many things in perspective. I’ve never reflected so much on life until life has felt like it’s constantly kicking me in the face. What’s been the hardest four weeks me and my family have ever faced, has at least thrown out one positive. I’ve heard a million times that life is too short, but it doesn’t really, truly mean anything until you face a big shock or wake up call. I don’t think it does anyway.

When I downloaded the iPhone app Timehop about five months ago, I began getting a daily reminder about just how fast life passes you by. Pictures of me and my university friends grinning like maniacs and drinking blue VKs on nights out felt like they were only taken five weeks ago, not five years ago. I nearly fell off the train platform looking at a photo of me and my sister in a pool in Cyprus taken seven years ago, on a day I remember like it happened yesterday. How can it be 7 years ago? How can time have gone that fast?

I’ve always been one for trying to get the most out of life, but I’ve realised that it’s taken an extra shove in the right direction to truly appreciate that life will end and I’ll be taking nothing with me. If it has to take a negative, scary event to make you wake up and see that time waits for no one, at least something positive has come out of your battle. In the last month I’ve stopped worrying about staying thin and how many calories are in my lunch, I’ve stopped freaking out over putting too much in my savings and needing to get it back and I’ve started looking forward to things SO much. It’s so nice to wake up and realise a few home truths. I cringe and roll my eyes when I see people post things like ‘times likes these you know who your real friends are’ on Facebook (vom), but actually, maybe it’s true. Maybe it’s for the best to know these things. Why waste time on people that won’t spend any time on you?

I don’t think I will ever fret over trivial things the same way again, as much as I don’t think my family will either. I think from now on I will appreciate every beautiful view, every amazing day out, every travel adventure and all of my relationships just that little bit more. Life is for living while you can. I also get irrationally pissed off on New Years Day when I see endless tweets of ‘new year, new start’, but this time around I actually think I will wake up on January 1st ready to squeeze every drop of love, adventure, hard work and fun out of 2015 that I possibly can. Something I’ve never, really, truly felt the need to feel. I really want all of my friends and family and basically, all people, to realise how much time we waste on stuff that ultimately means nothing. If you can all realise it without the hard times really bringing you down, then even better.

We only get one life, so we really should do it justice.


5 thoughts on “Learning the tough way that life really is for living

  1. Too right, life is really tough in your twenties, but the ‘living in the moment’ moments are worth it! Someone just criticised my blog post on surviving unemployment as they said it was too positive and didn’t go into dealing of the pains of job rejections , but staying positive is the only thing you can do, life really is too short! http://roseannanna.wordpress.com/2014/11/17/3/


      • Thank you, this person told me I was an insult to his friend who I was trying to support being in the same position myself. People need to speak out about their problems before it effects their mental health.:) I am always looking on my time hop and missing University. xx


  2. What a brilliant post Lauren. It actually scares me so much how fast the time is going, what’s worse is when you don’t have the opportunities or aren’t able to make the most of the time and watching it go by is frightening šŸ˜¦ Very well written post though.


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