Raw gluten-free Nutella brownies


I’ve become a bit addicted to ‘raw food’ lately. Since Wholefoods opened in Fulham all I want to do is eat things infused with chia seeds or buy organic freshly made soups everyday. BUT since I’m not a millionaire and Wholefoods products are not cheap, this is a compromise. I absolutely love Nakd bars, particularly the plain cocoa one, so this is a sort of take on that using dates, which creep me out to look out but I love.

It’s unbelievably quick and easy, you just need a blender and a fridge.


460g of dates (medjool are the best as they’re the stickiest, but they’re pricey. Standard dates work too)


200g pecan nuts

2 tablespoons Nutella

1 tablespoon honey if you want them extra sweet


Blend the pecans for about a minute and half until they resemble breadcrumbs


Add in dates and blend until the mixture becomes thick and sticky, usually 2 minutes will do it

Separate the mixture in your hands and put the Nutella in the middle, blend again for about 40 seconds

If you want to add honey, drizzle it in with the Nutella. I personally find them sweet enough as they are.

Once you have your mixture, take it out (it should come out in one big lump) and roll it out until it’s about an inch thick. Cut into shapes. I try to make them square to look more brownies, but I cut them with a round cutter this time and it was much easier, despite making them look like little burgers.



Delicious. Eat them straight away or whack them in the fridge to keep them fresh. They’re definitely not calorie free, because of the dates and nuts, but they are a healthy brownie. They are also fantastic fuel for exercise or a particularly busy day, or just for doing this:

beyonce single ladies


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