Girls, be nicer to other girls

Girls go through a lot of crap. I’m not saying boys don’t either, but as I’m not one I can’t really comment. After 24 years of being a certified female, it’s increasingly obvious that girls need to be nicer to other girls. I am not obsessed with feminism and I don’t look into every situation and think ‘this is unfair to women’ but that doesn’t mean I don’t openly disagree with bitches bitching at each other and being just generally very bitchy. We can sympathise with each other and we have vaginas, which really do throw up some problems men can’t always relate to, so why is there so much negativity and so little help?

It’s not all about having a vagina in common, obviously. We need to stick together a bit. At a time when emotional support has been important to me and my wellbeing, I’ve realised how much girls can knock each other down. My friends are all lovely and luckily I get the good kind of support I need, when I need it.  It’s no great secret that social media and indirectly trying to make people jealous of you happens all day every day in this day and age, but my God, give each other a break. I have friends who are so badly affected by self-esteem issues that they hide away and avoid social situations, let alone looking at Instagram.

I saw on Twitter this morning a lifestyle blogger who I really enjoy and markets herself as ‘plus-sized’ tweeting about vile abuse she receives from people online. When I looked through her replies and Instagram comments, it was probably 90% women. It’s awful. Online bullying is vile, and I know friends of mine with big personalities online have suffered from it. I’ve also witnessed, on nights out with big groups of girls, how much some people play up to making others feel bad about everything and anything they can. It might be a short-lived boost to your own self-esteem to feel better than someone, but in the long-term really, what do you get out of it?

I mean come on, the struggle can be very real. We have to fight a lot of battles- periods, hormones,  career worries, babies, birth, weight problems and so many other things. CYSTITIS. OMG CYSTITIS. Without really nice friends that can relate to all manner of bladder issues and help me with advice and support, my bladder would probably have ruined my life last year. That’s just one example of the many things that come up daily in life that I know I need a fellow female to chat to about, or make me feel better about. A lot of the time it isn’t problems that are exclusive to girls, it’s just nice to have another girl to stand alongside you and say ‘I FEEL YOUR PAIN.’ It shouldn’t get to the point where I don’t want to post a bikini photo on Instagram in case I make someone feel bad and think people might think I am showing off because I look alright in this one and so subsequently not posting it. Let’s just take five minutes to think about each other and be a little bit nicer, eh?

I need the girls in my life and I’m absolutely sure I’m not the only one.


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