Bruges Christmas Market: One to visit this year

It’s November, which means it’s now slightly more acceptable to talk and think about Christmas. I’m not one for getting excited weeks early and Christmas shopping when it’s virtually still summer, but if you want to do a Christmas trip, you need some time to plan. So, if you haven’t been, go to Bruges Christmas Market.



I’ve been to Bruges three times over the last few years, twice at Christmas. If you fancy visiting a foreign Christmas market without breaking the bank, I highly recommend. If you have a car and are travelling from London, and can get a few people on board, you can do it pretty cheaply. Book the car ferry as far in advance as you can, split the petrol and you’re looking at roughly £25 each. This is what I shelled out anyway, for a car share of 4. Not bad at all and plenty of money left for ALL OF THE CHOCOLATE. You can park in big underground car parks a few minutes walk from the town centre or a ten minute walk out of town. There are signs everywhere so you can’t go wrong.

Bruges is lovely. It has everything you want from a Christmas market too. The hot chocolate is divine and if you fancy really warming up get a Baileys version from the market. You can even keep the cute glass mugs from some stalls, or return them and get a Euro back. Belgium’s famous triple cooked chips are a must (don’t come here on a diet) and if you can fit in a waffle, DO IT. You will leave full of Christmas spirit, it’s basically impossible not to. There is tinsel everywhere, fairy lights on all surfaces and in all trees and stall after stall of amazing festive foods and gifts.


Bruges11 It’s a tiny town, so you can get round it in a day easily if you don’t want to shell out for a hotel. If you do though, there are so many pubs to frequent, so many treats to sample and so many little shops to visit that you won’t get bored over a couple of days. Also, visit the soap shop. It’s in the town centre, inside a tiny little maze of shops. It smells like heaven and your mum or friends or yourself definitely need a little bar of white musk soap. Trust me.


I’ve visited in the pouring rain and freezing cold and in lovely crisp, sunshine. If it isn’t raining, go on a boat trip on the canal, you get a little guided tour and you see the smallest window in Bruges. Your life will never be the same. It’s also VERY picturesque, so camera lovers and Instagrammers will have a grand old time, just like I did:


Oh and if you do want to do something a bit cultural, pop into the free museum and art gallery.



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