6 Favourite life hacks

Everything is better when it’s easier. It turns out my sister’s boyfriend has an easy alternative and solution for pretty much every activity or problem. I tried to talk him into starting his own blog about it (he is basically Nigella and a Stepford wife in one) but that won’t be happening. Spending time at home with them this week led to a kitchen table brainstorm of ‘OMG really!?’ life hacks. These are our favourite six:

Also, we’ve tried them all, so we aren’t lying.

1) Cleaning Mirrors

I have a big full-length mirror in my room and more mirrors in the bathroom and I DESPISE cleaning them. They’re always full of smears, mostly because i’m blind as bat and if i put make-up on without contact lenses I frequently headbut the mirror. SO it turns out, you need to forget the glass cleaner or the glass wipes. All you need is a wet flannel and a dry towel. Clean the mirror with the wet flannel first, get rid of all the dirt, smears, mascara, toothpaste and other interesting substances….then just dry it with the towel. EASY. CLEAN. SMEAR FREE. MIRACLE.

2) Wine chilling

We had three bottles of wine on a Friday that needed chilling ASAP. Absolute emergency, obviously. This was where my sister’s boyfriend stepped in to sort out the whole situation, as he often does. He took the wine, wrapped it in wet kitchen towel and stuck it in the freezer. Er, amazing. Within ten minutes, we had wonderfully cold wine and frosty kitchen towel. Seriously useful and my personal favourite of all of these tips because, well, wine.


3) Green fingers

This one comes direct from my right hand. I always wear a junk jewellery, brightly coloured ring and quite often have a delightfully green finger lurking underneath. The Kermit tinge thankfully came to an end once I started painting the inside of the rings with clear nail varnish. No more green smears, no more ‘my ring was £3’ shame and looking like you have a fungal issue. Yay.


4) Bananarama

Here’s a handy hint for all you protein loving fruit ninjas. I’m not a huge fan but I’m informed by banana loving family that this is VERY useful. Ever have massive issues and think ‘what is life?’ while trying to peel a banana without breaking the ends and opening more of the yellow fruity tubes? Just make like a monkey and peel from the other end. Easier and no breaks, cracks or whatever it is happens with bunches of bananas. Wonderful.


5) Put a spring in your step (or phone charger)

This is SO worthwhile. I am on my third iPhone charger because I carry it around everywhere and don’t look after it because let’s face it, life is too short.  If you want your sources of power, Facebook and selfie-taking glory to live a longer life, you need a spring from a pen. Just your standard, push-up, nib type pen. Take the spring. Wrap the spring around the end of the cable you plug into your phone to stop it from bending and flailing around. The bending and flailing is bad. Blailing= bad. Well this will help stop blailing and preserve your charger. Happy bloody days. Here’s a youtube video from a clever lady showing you how better than a photo could:


6) Cheating heating

This is one from the student days when money was tight and heating was basically a myth. Getting into a bed that’s so cold it basically feels damp is no one’s idea of fun. The same goes for getting up in the morning and putting on cold clothes. If you’re a girl maybe you’ll be more equipped for this one, but basically you need a hairdryer. Blast your bed sheets before you slide in. Blast the inside of your jeans or jumper. It may not last long, but it takes off the edge. Also just generally turning the hairdryer on, especially in small rooms, can heat things up a little.

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