5 favourite new discoveries

1- The Blackbird Tea Rooms, Brighton

Breakfast is my favourite meal. I like to eat it and I especially like going out to eat it. I love tea rooms and this one came highly recommended. The homemade blueberry yogurt is the nicest I have ever tasted and the granola was Delicious too, so massive points to the healthy option. They do loads of nice (and naughty) breakfast options, from a massive, head-sized bacon sandwich to smashed avocados. The cakes look absolutely dreamy too. It’s quite small so you do get quite cosy with other diners, but the charming decor and nice vibe makes up for that.




2- Liz Earle beauty products

Friends and blogs have been raving about these products for ages. I received a set of them for my birthday and finally got round to using them last month. They are AMAZING. I have really problematic skin. It goes from being horribly oily, to dry and flaky with no rhyme or rhythm to it. I am also prone to breakouts so I spend quite a lot of time and money looking for products that work.The Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth cleanser leaves your skin feeling gorgeous, the skin tonic is gentle and the shampoo smells like it was crafted by angels. I cannot recommend it highly enough. It’s also not going to break the bank, which is always nice.




3- Rimmel Space Dust Nail Polish in Eclipse

If you want something easy to apply, very chip resistant and a perfect autumn colour, go for this. It isn’t overly sparkly but it has a nice subtle glittery look and the Eclipse shade is really nice for autumn without being gothically dark. I’ve currently had it on for four days and not so much as a chip in sight. It does need two coats at least but it dries really quickly, which is good because waiting for nail varnish to dry is on my list of least favourite things.


4- Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid foundation

I rarely ever find a foundation I like because my skin churns out so much oil most just slide off my face. I bought this on a whim in Boots when I was meant to be only buying plasters obviously, and it’s really good! it’s light enough to not make your face feel clogged up and it stayed in place all day. I didn’t find my face was resembling a frying pan by 5pm which is quite unusual for me. It’s also a really lovely texture, hence the name, and smells extremely good. If you have problematic skin, give it a try. Good coverage, nice colour, reasonable price.


5- Hotel Chocolat Lemon Cheesecake Chocolates

Erm, these are incredible. Someone gifted a box to my boss and he kindly shared the love. If you like lemon, chocolate and cheesecake, seek these out. I don’t think you could eat more than two in one sitting, as they are richer than royalty. Ideal for a gift, or just for, you know, sitting at home in bed. My new favourite indulgence.

lemon cheesecake

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