Mini Autumn wardrobe update

Basically at the weekend I was in Brighton and it rained while I was in town. This inevitably led to an impromptu mini-shopping spree to shelter from the elements. It was essentially logic. It wasn’t particularly wild. I didn’t stroll home in new Louboutins or take out a bank loan, but it certainly wasn’t budgeted for. The word budget makes me sad. The fact I use it in real life sometimes makes me sadder but anyway…CLOTHES.

It’s been noticeably colder and very wet given that the world has successfully lived to another October. I have looked like I’ve come fresh from a swimming pool/the sea on more than one occasion this week and my smugness about buying a new umbrella was short lived when it turned out to be an umbrella for miniature people. I own a lot of clothes, don’t get me wrong, but I do massively lack in the winter clothes department. So behold new autumn/winter purchases (so far, let’s be honest, it’ll happen again):


I have feelings for this jumper. It’s thick, warm and pink. It was also only £22 from Bershka. Which I also have feelings for.


This is a result of my long love affair with anything floral. It’s very tapestry looking but if you chuck a jumper over it everything becomes less overwhelming. It’s hard not to buy dresses for £8. From Primark obviously.


I currently have a thing for anything slouchy and I LOVE Vero Moda. This was definitely meant to be mine.


So this wasn’t actually purchased from a shop. It’s Topshop and I love it. The whole loose smock thing is a winner for being bloated, eating everything and erm, being bloated. I got it on eBay for £4. BARGAIN.


So I can’t wear this candle, but I would happily eat it. It smells absolutely DIVINE. If you pass by Primark and have a spare pound, invest. Worth all 100 pennies.

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