Sunday skirting

Seeing as today is one of those days where summer is clinging on for one last hurrah, it seemed only fitting to think about skirts. I recently realised, while sitting at my desk at work wearing a skirt with happy zebras on, that I should maybe consider buying some new, almost sensible ones. Naturally I have been on Ebay and watched three: pineapple patterned, mini yellow and one that looks like a weather forecast. Professionalism may have to wait a teeny while longer.

I did of course visit my favourite charity shop neighbours on my way out this morning. I saw one perky staff member ballroom dancing with air in the tiny little back garden yesterday while another tried on hats, so it’s obviously been a good weekend. There was a rack crammed full of amazing looking skirts and I did almost part with £3 for one red skater skirt with foxes on, but I’m not a size 6. I will never be a size 6. I can’t even breathe in and pretend it doesn’t hurt to be a 6. I will however send my tiny housemate in tomorrow, because those foxes are crying out for our love.

Despite skirt disappointment today, I do own two beautiful midi skirts that I have real life feelings for and I feel need appreciation. They only collectively cost £4.50 but I would have paid way more for either.




I have just decided, while pausing to eat dinner, that I am 100% putting up a fight for the pineapple skirt on Ebay. Skirts need company, it’s only fair. I also decided, after taking the two beauties above out of my wardrobe and then struggling to put them back, that I am going to list some stuff on Ebay myself. After all winter is coming and I will need to buy at least ten jumpers from next door in the coming month, for survival of course.



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